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Navy Day 2004

Electric Racing

Speed models or "plestics" as called by some others.
This section was started by Lionell (chainsaw) as there were a lack of competition in the club. The racing is split into 2 classes. Races are normally ten laps. 1st place = 5 points, 2nd place = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points. All boats that finish the race gets 1 point.
1) Restricted
Standard hull 650mm x 230mm. No hull modifications are allowed. 540 motors. Battery up to 2000mah. Reduction gears or pulleys are used with a 2:1 ratio. And motor cutoff switch mounted on the right hand side.
2) Open class
Yebo motors are used www.fort777.co.za. This class is for guys who like to experiment.

PS. These models work on smoke, if da smoke comes out they don't work no more.

Fatal Attraction
Cutting the corners to fine !
He knew I was watching !
One more step ...
Water conservation is not taken lightly
T - 5
Who put the glue on chainsaw's boat !!
Low flying Pink fink with a new prop. Watch out Chainsaw